Tuesday 17 August 2010

Participate in the ACRC's Agatha Christie Blog Tour September 1-30

On 15 September 2010 Agatha Christie would have been 120 years old.

Here at the ACRC Blog Carnival we will be taking part in world wide celebrations with a blog carnival tour from 1-30 September 2010.
Participants will volunteer for a day in September to host the carnival.
Your post of course must be related to an Agatha Christie topic. Indicate your interest in being a stop on the blog tour by leaving a comment, together with a suggested date. Please include the title/location of your blog.
Alternatively email me.

The stops on the blog tour will be shown below as I update this page.
Please note the blog tour will replace the edition of blog carnival that would have been scheduled for September 23. We will resume our blog carnivals on October 23.

Blog Tour stops
  1. Blog tour launch: MYSTERIES in PARADISE  - Kerrie
  2. available
  3. available 
  4. available
  5. available
  6. A Library is a hospital for the mind - Sarah
  7. Caviglia's Cabinet of Curiosities - Carolyn
  8. Confessions of a Mystery Novelist - Margot
  9. Unfinished Person - Bryan
  10. available
  11. available
  12. available
  13. Miss Lemon's Mysteries - Elizabeth
  14. Mystery Fanfare - Janet
  15. Birthday celebration (special quiz) on Agatha Christie Carnival
  16. Crime Scraps - Norman
  17. Poe's Deadly Daughters - Sandy
  18. available
  19. The Game's Afoot - Jose Ignacio
  20. Overkill - Vanda
  21. Reactions to Reading - Bernadette
  22. Books Please - Margaret
  23. 2010: The Year in Books - Nancy
  24. Endless Books - Beth
  25. Criminal Crafts - Shawn
  26. available
  27. The Thrill of it All - Chris
  28. Joyfully Retired - Margot
  29. A Library is a hospital for the mind - Sarah
  30. Self-deprecating - Saro


Bernadette said...

I'll take the 21st Kerrie - something about movie adaptations http://reactionstoreading.com/

Uriah Robinson said...

I'll take the 16th September if I may Kerrie. I will do something on the discussion at Paignton Library between Matthew Prichard [Agatha Christie's grandson] and John Curran [author of Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks] which I will be attending and hopefully getting some photos.
http://camberwell-crime.blogspot .com

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - If it's available, may I have the 8th? I'm going to do something on some of the themes that run through Christie's books, if that works for you.

NancyO said...

I will take the 23rd (if that's okay), and I think I would like to do something about St. Mary Mead -- maybe some fictional interviews with a few of the people who live there or something along those lines.

Elizabeth Frengel said...

Miss Lemon would love to have Monday the 13th. She'll probably talk about Max Mallowan's memoir, in preparation for the big day.
Looking forward to it!

Margot said...

May I have the 28th? I'd like to bring back my interview with Miss Marple.

Sign out said...

I'd love to host the tour on that last Monday - 27 September.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie,

I'd like to pick Sept 30, if it's still available. I'd be curious to explore the dynamics of the relationships in AC's detective fiction in general.


Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Kerrie if available I'll take Sep 19. I would like to remember the AC books that I read in my childhood.

Kerrie said...

You're on Jose Ignacio - thanks

BooksPlease said...

I'll take the 22 Sept if that's still available, Kerrie. I'm not sure yet what to focus on.


Kerrie said...

Thank you Margaret

Beth said...

Just stumbled onto this site, having posted something today on Agatha! I'd enjoy taking a day...how about the 24th if it's still available? Not sure yet what I'll post, though it might be something related to Tommy and Tuppence.

My blog is Endless Books at www.bookwormjournal.blogspot.com

Kerrie said...

Thanks Beth - you are welcome to join the challenge too

Janet Rudolph said...

Oops... wrong date. wrong month... 9/14 a Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Agatha is one of our favorite authors. I never tire of rereading her mysteries. Am now a follower of this interesting blog.