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ACRC Carnival #11

Welcome to the November 23, 2009 edition of Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Monthly Blog Carnival.

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In the News & Headlines

England's Devon and Cornwall: storied places, killer views posted at - Travel. "These places and six others are stops on the Agatha Christie Mile, a trail that wends around the harbor, and for wannabe Hercule Poirots and Miss Marples, are the scenes of some of her cases (it was on the terrace of the Imperial Hotel, for example, that Miss Marple, on her final case, revealed the culprit in "Sleeping Murder")."

Agatha Christie's picnic basket – junk or artefact? You decide | Books | posted at Guardian. "The British Museum holds Agatha Christie's picnic basket - or is it?"

A murder mystery even Miss Marple couldn't exorcise: MARGARET RUTHERFORD BY ANDY MERRIMAN | Mail Online posted at Books | Mail Online, saying, "Glamout girl she was not. Great actress she certainly was. So begins this intriguing account of one of Britain's best-loved character actresses."

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Star cast revealed for new Poirot
"Award-winning actress Dame Eileen Atkins and Barbara Hershey will star in a new TV adaption of Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express. David Suchet, who has played Hercule Poirot for 21 years, will return as the moustachioed Belgian detective."

Lost Agatha Christie story to be published in US
The Strand Magazine said it will publish the 5,000-word story called the Incident of the Dog's Ball, which was found in the attic of the author's daughter in 2004.
The story was published in the Britain in September.


Louise reviews DEATH COMES AS AN END at Lou's_Pages, saying, "love and murder in a dysfunctional family around the year 2000 BCE."

Ryan Groff presents THE SECRET OF CHIMNEYS at Wordsmithonia, saying, "take everything you want in a mystery story and throw it all together into one beautiful mix. Royals in disguise, murder, memoirs, jewel thief's, secret identities, humongous mansions with secret rooms, codes ... this book has it all."

Ryan Groff presents AND THEN THERE WERE NONE at Wordsmithonia saying, "This has always been my favorite Agatha Christie mystery for as long as I can remember."

Samantha reviews AGATHA CHRISTIE: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY at Bookworms and tea lovers, saying, "This book is a work of art. "

Elaine reviews AGATHA CHRISTIE'S SECRET NOTEBOOKS by John Curran at Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover, saying, "This book is manna for all Christie afficionados, of which I count myself as one."

Hercule Poirot

Nan reviews THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES at Letters from a Hill Farm, saying, "Christie's first Poirot book, and first published novel."

Margot at Joyfully Retired reviews THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE TRAIN at Joyfully Retired saying, "Even though Agatha Christie hated the book, I rather liked it." Margot notes "This is the ninth novel published by Agatha Christie. I’m reading these books in order for the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge."

Sarah M. reviews MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA at A library is a hospital for the mind... saying, "this is is the 12th Hercule Poirot novel by Agatha Christie."

Gautami Tripathy reviews ELEPHANTS CAN REMEMBER at everything distils into reading, saying, "The case is about what was seemingly the double suicide of a loving husband and wife and the impact of that upon their children."

Margot Kinberg presents FUNERALS ARE FATAL at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist.... saying, "I recommend this title for its moody atmosphere, its surprising twists and compelling characters."

Bernadette presents DEAD MAN'S FOLLY at Reactions to Reading, saying, "My mini ACRC is to listen to all the audio books that David Suchet has narrated. They're a treat for the ears."

Margot Kinberg reviews EVIL UNDER THE SUN at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...., saying, "I recommend Evil Under the Sun, especially for those who are already Poirot fans. It’s got brilliant characterization, interesting plot twists and Poirot’s famous “little grey cells.”"

Bella reviews THE CLOCKS at A Bibliophile's Bookshelf, saying, "in The Clocks Poirot is seemingly almost retired and plays a minimal role in solving this mystery, as he tries to do it from his armchair. Poirot has assistance by the way of Colin Lamb, or as he calls him his “dog”…"

Miss Marple

Karen M reviews New Margaret Rutherford biography: MARGARET RUTHERFORD, DREADNOUGHT WITH GOOD MANNERS. at Euro Crime.

Tommy and Tuppence

Karen M reviews Le Crime Est Notre Affaire at Euro Crime, "a 2008 French film (Crime is Our Business) in which Agatha Christie's married sleuths, the Beresfords, return".

That concludes this edition.
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