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ACRC Carnival 2010 #10- November 2010

Welcome to the November 24, 2010 edition of Agatha Christie monthly Blog Carnival.

Many thanks to those who contributed links to the Carnival this time.
We have 15 contributions from 9 contributors.
    Do visit the participating blogs and leave comments if you have read the books. Spread the word too about the existence of this blog and the monthly opportunity it offers to showcase reviews about Agatha Christie books. 
Today's 9 Contributors - please see the items below for exact URLS of their posts.


Yvette presents Monday Review: DESTINATION UNKNOWN by Agatha Christie posted at in so many words.... "This book is probably not as well known as the titles in the Poirot and Marple canons, but I think it is, in many ways, one of Christie's best, even if the oh-so-improbable plot requires a larger than average suspension of disbelief. "

BooksPlease presents Agatha Christie on Individuality posted at BooksPlease, saying, "Things Agatha Christie liked and disliked taken from her Autobiography - I thought it was fascinating."

Cheryl Lyda presents Agatha Christie's Wit & Wisdom posted at Agatha Christie's Wit & Wisdom, saying, "This blog is an online version of a concordance of quotes that I wrote in 2008. The blog contains over 300 quotes on 100 topics that Christie remarked on in her books. Viewers may search by topic, and full bibliographic information is included for each quote."

KerrieS presents Agatha Christie Quotations posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "There are several sites where you can "get" Agatha Christie quotations.
I'm not quite sure where the originals come from, but here are some of them:"

Birdie presents Christie Catch Up posted at Birdie's Nest. Since I last updated, I've read Crooked House, After the Funeral, Why Didn't They Ask Evans?/The Boomerang Clue, and The Sittaford Mystery/Murder at Hazelmoor.

quirkyreader presents Reading The "Usual" Suspects posted at quirkyreader. Two books to check to complement your reading of Agatha Christie novels.

BooksPlease presents Agatha Christie on Poirot posted at BooksPlease, saying, "Agatha's thoughts on how she created Hercule Poirot and the mistake she made."

Nancy Oakes presents The Pale Horse, by Agatha Christie posted at crime segments, saying, "One of the later Christies, in which Ariadne Oliver makes a couple of pop-in visits."

Miss Marple

sarah presents The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie posted at A library is a hospital for the mind..., saying, "It is said that Agatha Christie considered The Moving Finger to be one of her best novels. I can't say that it's one of my top favorites, but it is an enjoyable read. And I know this much, it's good enough that one can read it, wait a few years, and then re-read it and still be caught up in the mystery...."

BooksPlease reviews A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY posted at BooksPlease, saying, "Even on holiday Miss Marple has a murder to solve."

Hercule Poirot

KerrieS reviews MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "I really read this too close to watching the latest TV production with David Suchet as Poirot. I also saw similarities between it and P.D. James' THE SKULL BENEATH THE SKIN."

Short Stories

Margot at Joyfully Retired presents Book Review: The Hound Of Death posted at Joyfully Retired, saying, "Except for the story Witness For the Prosecution, I really did not care for this collection of supernatural stories. Too weird for me."


quirkyreader presents My Current Christie Update and More Covers posted at quirkyreader.

KerrieS presents ACRC Update - 6 November 2010 posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "I've now read 20 books and 11 collections of short stories.
MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA is my 11th title for 2010. My update supplies you with a list of all I've read so far."


Agatha Christie Inspires Travel to Egypt posted at A Travelers' Library"The writer's first taste of ancient Egypt, the ‘Land of the Pharaohs’, came on a ten-day, whistle-stop tour of the country as a callow 13-year old."

That concludes this edition.

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