Thursday 23 July 2009

ACRC Carnival #7

Welcome to the July 23, 2009 edition of Agatha Christie Monthly Carnival.
Many thanks to those who contributed links in this Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival. Do visit the participating blogs and leave comments if you have read the books. Welcome this month to some new participants.

Spread the word too about the existence of this blog and the monthly opportunity it offers to showcase reviews about Agatha Christie books.

If you'd like to be part of the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, it is never too late to start. Check out the other postings on this blog and my main Agatha Christie Reading Challenge postings which will lead you to the lists of titles etc. You can now join the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge too, so just click on the link and sign up.

Read at your own pace, write a review on your blog, go to the Carnival collecting space and put in the URL, your details, and a comment about the post.

In 18 contributions, there are 9 Titles reviewed in this carnival. In addition we have some blog posts of general interest to Agatha Christie readers. A couple of participants in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge have supplied their "update" posts. Miss Lemon's Mysteries presents Miss Lemon's point of view. And who has best depicted Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot? Do they match your mental pictures?



Elizabeth presents THE SITTAFORD MYSTERY posted at Miss Lemon's Mysteries, saying, "Atmosphere isn't the only thing that stands out in this unusual mystery -- from the world's most familiar chronicler of crime."

KerrieS presents ACRC Update - 21 July 2009 posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "My most recent update showing where I am on the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge journey."

Kate presents The 10 best beach reads posted at What Kate's Reading, saying, "An overview of my 10 best beach reads as per the NPR nominations, including MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS."

unfinishedperson presents Just A (Reading) Fool challenges page posted at Just A (Reading) Fool, saying, "How I have my challenges page set up. Requested to be submitted by Kerrie."

Maggie discusses THE SEVEN DIALS MYSTERY posted at My Utopia, saying "I was completely astonished when I read the killer's name."

Elizabeth presents TAKEN AT THE FLOOD posted at Miss Lemon's Mysteries, saying, "Imagine if the impeccably organized and eminently sensible Miss Felicity Lemon (private secretary to Mr. Parker Pyne and M. Hercule Poirot) were to assemble her own collection of crime fiction.... Here she recommends and discusses the choicest whodunits ever written."

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon reviews The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie. posted at Scandalous Women"On December 3, 1926 Agatha Christie disappeared from her home in Sunningdale, in Berkshire. Her car was found at eight o’clock on Saturday morning, abandoned several miles away, with some of her clothes and identification scattered around inside."

Hercule Poirot

KerrieS asked Who Best Depicts Hercule Poirot? posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "David Suchet? The definitive Poirot? My readers agree." In this post I've included some links to other sites of interest."

KerrieS reviews PERIL AT END HOUSE posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "HP's 6th novel, and his greatest test yet. Even the great HP is fallible."

Margot at Joyfully Retired reviews THE MURDER OF ROGER ACKROYD posted at Joyfully Retired. "Wherever you find Mr. Poirot, there is sure to be a murder. It’s definitely enough to pull Hercule’s little gray cells away from his vegetables."

KerrieS points to 50bookchallenge: [Book 8] DEATH ON THE NILE saying, "I have submitted this blog post for its excellent review. Unfortunately the blogger had turned anonymous comments off so I was unable to invite him/her to do it for herself."

Miss Marple

Elizabeth reviews A POCKET FULL OF RYE at Miss Lemon's Mysteries, saying, "A delightfully chilling take on the old Mother Goose rhyme, the murders in this whodunit follow right in step with the rhyme (if not reason) of 'Sing a Song of Sixpence.'"

BooksPlease reviews THE THIRTEEN PROBLEMS by Agatha Christie posted at BooksPlease, saying, "This collection of short stories includes The Tuesday Night Club introducing Miss Marple. A quick and easy read that raises questions about who has the best mind to solve mysteries."

KerrieS asks How could they do it? at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "Did you realise that some of the Marple TV series did NOT have Miss Marple in them originally? This post explores that fact."

KerrieS also reviews THE THIRTEEN PROBLEMS at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "The set of short stories where Miss Marple was created."

KerrieS asks Who is the best Miss Marple? posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "The poll referred to in this post is over, but do leave a comment about who you think is the best Miss M. Do you think Julia McKenzie will regret becoming the latest in the role?"

unfinishedperson reviews THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE at Just A (Reading) Fool, saying, "The first Miss Marple. Unfortunately, have to wait a while for the next one."

KerrieS asks Did Agatha Christie change her mind about Miss Marple? posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "How did Miss Marple change after Agatha Christie first created her?"

Short Stories

KerrieS presents ACRC: Short Stories, Update #4 posted at MYSTERIES in PARADISE, saying, "My summary of the short stories I've read so far."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of agatha christie monthly carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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